Match UP

Match UP player at Masham tennis courts.

Match Up is a way of finding players nearby who would like to play in friendly competitive matches. The system allows you to find players for one off casual matches in your local park or at your club and to join leagues if you would like to commit to a series of 4 or 5 matches. All match results are recorded and contribute to each players standing so you can easily find players of a similar standard as yourself. Everyone is welcome from absolute beginners to experienced club players. Players under 18 must get parental or carer consent for each match played.

Match Up is determined to keep charges to a minimum. The first years membership is free and it is currently anticipated that subsequent years will be only £10 per year. The charge for leagues is £10 per season. Players who commit to 3 seasons of competition will only pay £25 per year.

In order to create a league a minimum of 5 players will need to be register for a particular region. While we can't guarantee that a league will be started in your area in the current year don't let that put you off registering there will be nothing to pay till after your first year of playing non-league matches. Register now and start recruiting people you know.




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